Current Code regulations


I am a current graduate student studying structural engineering and am working on a report for Carbon emissions during phases A1-5. I am new to the topic and I was hoping I could get some guidance. Are there any organizations/government agency/code references that state or set the standards for the CO2 emission? Similar to how IBC and ASCE set design standards for structural design. I see different organizations like Carbon Leadership Forum and Architecture 2030. I believe if an owner wants a LEED certified building it must meet certain standards. But not all buildings are required to be LEED certified.

Hi Timothy, its depends what region of the world you are referring to ? For the USA the NRMCA EPD is a good baseline, as is the regional NRMCA report that breaks down the country into different regions. EC3 is another good tool for specific manufactures in the US.

NRMCA_EPD10294 - US concrete benchmark.pdf (3.6 MB)

NRMCA_Benchmark_Report_-_October_14_2014_web (1).pdf (814.7 KB)

Both aren’t perfect but a good place to start.

You can look to the EC3 tool at for a database of concrete EPDs. Also the SE 2050 Commitment Initiative looking to advance this data/standards and the Bay Area Low Carbon Concrete Code. And don’t miss the IStructE work in the UK.