Earth Day Decarbonization Symposium

Join the Decarbonization Symposium organized by Pratt Institute’s Housing Consortium for Earth Day 2022 (4/22/2022) from 9 am ET to 12 pm ET on Zoom. Registration is free and available at Meeting Registration - Zoom .

The Symposium will dive into the challenges and opportunities of decarbonization of the built environment – with a special focus on efforts to reduce embodied and operational carbon emissions in New York City. Participants will learn about the challenges of understanding embodied carbon in building materials and products – and why we must prioritize the reduction of embodied carbon emissions now, rather than merely focusing on lowering operational emissions.

Decarbonization Symposium Participants:
Welcomes by Frances Bronet, Pratt Institute President and
Harriet Harriss, Pratt Institute, Dean of the School of Architecture.


  1. Meta Brunzema, Architect, Collective for Community Culture & Environment, LLC, and 2. Adjunct Associate Professor, Pratt Graduate Architecture & Urban Design, and Fatou Jabbie, Sustainability Consultant, NYC Accelerator.


  1. Gabrielle Brainard, Visiting Associate Professor at Pratt, UG Architecture, and Principal of Fabric First Architecture & Consulting, PLLC.
  2. Bill Caplan, Assoc. AIA, Author, Design Consultant, and Materials Engineer.
  3. Paul L. Crovella, Environmental Engineer, SUNY, Environmental Science and Forestry.
  4. Jay Gorman, Project Executive at F.J. Sciame Construction
  5. Werner Morath, Architect, Loadingdock5