EC3 - Import from Excel

Hey Everyone,

I was curious if we can import material data and quantity from an excel sheet into EC3? If we can, could you kindly point me to the right tutorial/ documentation on how to do that?

Appreciate your help in advance,
Pragya Gupta


To clarify, do you mean importing data into Building Projects via the Plan&Compare Buildings interface?

If yes, there currently isn’t a way to do that, but we can consider adding that feature if there is enough interest.
Anyone wanting this feature, please like Pragya’s question or my response - that will help us gauge interest and importance of this feature. Thank you!


Thanks Vaclav,
Yes - we have an excel sheet (Revit export) that has all of the materials used in our model with quantities. It would be useful for us to be able to import this into the Plan and Compare Buildings Interface.
We have found that the native quantity takeoff from Revit is sometimes off - due to certain geometrical or user issues. To avoid that, we have been using excel as a means to override material quantities based on some manual Revit takeoffs.


Hello Pragya,
Just an FYI, if you are not aware.
For the whole building LCA you can use Athena freeware by ASMI. You can download it at:
They have a neat “import from excel” function for Bill of Materials.
All the best.