ECN Webinar March 20th @ 9am PST- Embodied Carbon 101 - Kate Simonen


At the Carbon Leadership Forum we are focusing on being kind and flexible as our lives-both personal and professional-are up in the air. I hope you are all doing OK.

We also want to continue to build knowledge and momentum related to embodied carbon action and provide places for people to connect, learn and share.

Thus, we WILL be offering the Embodied Carbon webinar on Friday the 20th at 9am via the original zoom link with a simplified program:

  • Embodied Carbon: what, why, and how?
  • Embodied Carbon Resources: Where to learn more.
  • Discussion and small group connections.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can still do it here.

For those of you who are not able to join that day-we’ll be posting the recording of the presentation early the following week HERE.

For those of you able to join-we look forward to connecting with you! In the break-out sessions it’s fun to be able to see folks faces so please consider getting comfortable turning on your video if you can.