CLF Structures Webinar: Fri the 21st 9am PT

Free Friday 21st 9am PT #EmbodiedCarbon webinar focused on #structuralengineering Free Webinar on Embodied Carbon in Structural Materials and an AMAZING all star international crew of speakers.

This session will introduce embodied carbon initiatives and resources focused on structural engineers in the US and UK. Speakers include Megan Stringer (Holmes Structures), Mark Webster (SGH), Mike Cook (Buro Happold), and Orlando Gibbons (Arup). Topics to be discussed include the SE 2050 Commitment program in response to the Carbon Leadership Forum’s SE 2050 Challenge, the "Achieving Net Zero Embodied Carbon in Structural Materials by 2050” paper recently published by ASCE through our SEI sustainability committee, and UK activity including IStructE’s “A Brief Guide to Calculating Embodied Carbon” paper, Climate Emergency Task Group, and other initiatives.


Thanks for this. The UW Zoom link seems to not be loading completely for me. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a button to click to register and is there a fee?

I’ll throw this question out here - should engineers (and others) refuse to work for high emitting clients? Should we refuse to work on oil & gas infrastructures? Or do we have a duty of care to uphold?