ECOPact concrete from Lafarge

Lafarge are introducing ECOPact concrete to North America, with EC reductions up to 100%. From what I can glean these reductions are achived through cement substitution, recycling aggregates, and offsetting. Based on this information the ECOPact Max formulation uses alkali activated materials, which is huge if true - AFAIK net-zero activators are possible, but financially not yet viable, this may be a side benefit of an ammonia based hydrogen economy.

More information is here:

@matt.dalkie can you provide any information?

Hi Will,

Yes this is being introduced across North America, not just Canada. In the US it is under our Aggregate Industries umbrella.

The thresholds for using the brand are shown in the information you’ve found online, but the route to get there is dependent on the availability of various options and materials in the local market. If there is interest in a specific market for ECOPact, it should be discussed with the local ready mix team. Although the different levels are well defined, not all products or options will be available in all markets.

I can help connect people for specific markets if anyone needs that information.


Excellent, thanks Matt - do you know whether there will be a price differential for clients that want to use these products?

That is definitely a question I can’t answer, I focus on technical pieces only…

No problems - can you tell me if the ECOPact Max mix will be available in BC, and when the local EPDs will be available? I’m also keen to understand if there are limitations for the materials, heat of hydration, strength gain, curing requirements etc.

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Hi Will,

Sorry for the delay, I was waiting on some information from our ready mix folks to ensure I gave you the correct and current information. At this point in time, we don’t have specific ECOPact Max products in BC, but they are something that can be developed for specific projects as needed.



Hi Matt - do you have any information on how LaFarge achieves these reductions for EcoPact? The technology, supply chain changes, etc.

Hi Mark,

I’ve asked our LafargeHolcim group brand managers as to how we are to communicate that information, and although I know those details for North America, I’m not sure if the same approach is taken across the world. I’ll let you know once I hear back, but given time zone differences, it could be a few days before I get back to you with an official answer.


Thank you Matt! My interest is specifically here in North America but doesn’t hurt to have the global approach as well.

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Hi Mark,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread.

The concern that we have regarding disclosing too much information is regarding the IP for these materials. Broadly speaking the reductions are achieved by leveraging our expertise in existing technologies such as the use of Portland Limestone Cement, the inclusion of SCMs in concrete, use of specific admixtures, optimization of these technologies and overall optimization of the mix designs themselves. We are also working on other binder systems that have various levels of local availability and activity. The actual technologies applied in specific locations will be dependent on what materials are available in that area.

As a company we appreciate the interest in products like ECOPact in driving to NetZero and we look forward to how this will change the industry in the coming years.

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Our firm designs projects in the Rocky Mountains and West including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. We are interested to know what products you provide in our region and contacts for your distributors.


Bob Redwine