EPD for high-strength post tensioned tendons

Hi there - Not seeing any PT tendons on EC3. Does anyone have any data on this material (specifically looking for ASTM A4-17 Gr. 270)?

If not available, I’ve heard that higher strength steels do not have a significantly higher GWP. Would it be an acceptable proxy to use traditional rebar? Obviously this wouldn’t include the plastic sheathing…

Also did find this Swedish EPD… not sure if this would be valid for US.



I found the same lack of EPD’s and we are doubling the weight of the PT reinforcing as the embodied carbon coefficient for PT (Swedish) is about twice that of rebar. I believe Tally suggests this as well.

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I agree with Rob’s approximation. From the research we did, PT is typically primary steel with very little recycled content. Sourced globally, only a few US producers. It may actually be more than double industry avg. numbers for rebar given that steel impacts can range from 0.5-4kgCO2/kg steel.

If working with std building sector LCA tools you could just double the volume of material.

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