Quantifying Post Tension Cables

Anyone have any suggestion for how to model post tension cables in Tally? We have an estimate of weight from our engineers, but I’m not sure if there’s a viable Tally entry for the PT cables.

Please see this reply from last year.

Thanks Bob, for some reason this slipped past my search

Bob, if you can find it, can you share the resource that Tally offers that suggest this higher EC coefficient for PT? I feel like I have come across some rough Tally guidelines as well, but can no longer seem to find it. Thanks!


I am not sure what Tally currently says about this, as I no longer use Tally. There is an EPD on PT strands from Suncoast Post-Tension that you can compare against mild steel EPDs to justify this 2x multiple. We did alert Tally about this EPD.

Suncoast PT EPD


In the past, we’ve tried adding PT on the back end or doubled the quantity (as suggested by the CLF users in the past) and incorporated into our concrete reinforcement Tally definitions. There’s also a steel, cable definition you could try using, but you’d need to add an accessory material to the slab and calculate the % volume or model an equivalent volume/length in Revit to capture it. I haven’t tried this method or know how the Tally cable impacts compare to real PT cabling, but it’s definitely on our list to look into!

Also, here is the original post where doubling the rebar was mentioned: https://community.carbonleadershipforum.org/t/epd-for-high-strength-post-tensioned-tendons/3102


Tally also has a product that I believe is called “reinforcing rod” which has a similar GWP to PT strands.