Free Webinar > One Key to Reducing Carbon in Concrete: Shifting from Prescriptive to Performance Specifications

Check out Climate Earth’s upcoming webinar in our Leadership in Low Carbon Concrete webinar series.

In this webinar on Thursday, March 2nd, featuring Adam Neuwald of Concrete Supply Co., you will:

  • See specific examples of how prescriptive specification limits the producers ability to deliver an optimal product

  • Learn how performance specifications lead to better more sustainable concrete designs

Register here:

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Climate Earth

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Roman invented concrete.

FYI…Below link describes how concrete get stronger as it cures.

Hi Ramesh ~

Excellent article! A lot of great information.
Thank you for sharing it.


Today I read an article that is just about what CLF is about I.e., embodied carbon thru the entire life cycle. It is written by a good architect named Blaine Brownell.
I shall try to fwd. it to you tomorrow.
I deal with Andrew Himes who might be interested in it just as well as Kate S.


Thank you, Ramesh!