Concrete Specifications

This topic is intended to cover issues related to concrete specifications that are intended to lower environmental impacts. This could include eliminating some prescriptive specifications or creating performance-based specifications.

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Is it possible to set up some best practice examples or templates? I get asked what a performance specification looks like, but it can be tricky to find (perhaps impossible) some really good, clear examples. This thread, or perhaps another should also cover addressing gaps that are preventing adoption of performance specs, such as lack of particular tests to define a performance characteristic, or lack of a quick, reliable test. It’s not much use needing to wait 2 years to know if the concrete is going to do what you need!


The PANYNJ just released a new concrete spec aimed to reduce cement content for mass pour concrete work. Maximum OPC content was dropped from 400lbs/yd3 to 300lbs. Performance is first pass.

i can send you a copy of the performance spec used by the Port Authority of NY & NJ. please email me at

also try the Marin County code and spec examples.