GHG Emissions from Oxy-Acetylene gas cutting for Steel - looking for emission data

Good day out there to everyone in the CLF community!

I am currently investigating the option of extracting steel piles from old quay structures inorder send them for recycling and therefore gain benefits from LCA stage D (Recycling). Once steel piles are extracted from the sea bed they would need to be cut up onshore inorder to fit them onto trucks and transport them to the steel plant (e.g. electric arc furnace) where they would be melted up and formed into new steel .

In my study I am assuming that the cutting up of the steel piles on site will be done by means of Oxy-Acetylene gas cutting. I am trying to find emission data on Oxy-Acetylene gas cutting. Can anyone assist me in this regard? Any help would be much appreciated!


Kai-Julian Hendler