Global emissions - How do we rank?

Here is a perspective on embodied carbon that demonstrates the power our sector has to help reduce carbon emissions. The sources used for this information differ from the traditional 11% used for our sector.

Global GHG Emissions Less Than Our Sector
Sources: Our World in Data, 2020; *IEA 2022 TECP

0.3% Freight aviation
0.4% Rail transport
1.6% Passenger aviation
1.7% Shipping
1.9% Landfill emissions
2.2% Deforestation
3.5% Burning of crop residues
4.1% Agriculture fertilization
4.8% Road freight
5.8% Livestock and manure
5.8% Oil & gas methane leakage
6.0% *Embodied carbon in infrastructure construction
7.1% Cars, motorcycles, buses
9.0% *Embodied carbon in residential and commercial buildings

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Bob, I googled the study but nothing came up. Is there a way to receive a copy?

Thank you very much.



Thanks for your question - you have to search a lot inside each reference so these two links should get you there.

This link1 will take you to the circle chart used for emissions by sector.
This link2 will take you to the values with an asterisk* (9% embodied carbon in buildings and 6% embodied carbon in infrastructure).

Let me know if this answers your question,


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