Global perspective -- how big are the pie slices for gypsum board, aluminum, glass, etc?

We know that concrete and steel comprise about 8 and 7% of total global emissions, respectively. Does anyone have comparable numbers for other categories, e.g., wood, glass, aluminum, flooring, gypsum board, etc?


Arup’s Low Carbon Routemap for the UK for the Green Construction Board ( has a breakdown for the UK in figure 32.

Hi Bruce,

Edgar Hertwich (my former professor at NTNU) published an article in 2019 that showed a breakdown for carbon footprint of material production in 2015. Here is a screenshot image from the article.

His figures are also shown in the UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2019.

There seem to be some slight differences in the data between the table and the chart. Not quite sure why that is. But hopefully this helps.


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Thank you, Anthony. And, yes, we all keep finding sizable discrepancies in different reports, due no doubt to different data sets and product category rules, and just in general the youth of LCA science.

But thanks, this was super helpful!

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