Incentive for creating EPD's?

Hi all, I’m curious if anyone knows of incentives to help manufacturers create EPD’s in the northeast USA?

Few and far between. Happy to help talk through any incentives or opportunities for cost effectiveness pathways for LCAs and EPDs. We work with lots of manufacturers helping “right size” LCA and EPDs to meet almost any budget. Let me know if you want to talk further @kstarn!

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@William I’d like to hear about how you help manufacturers break into creating EPDs. At this point, I’m constantly pointing suppliers to competitors who are producing EPDs, and asking they do the same. Any more leverage to push them further, faster would be helpful!

@wotila a couple of ideas some of which we have control of, some which we do not.

  1. We make it affordable. Our team at WAP controls our costs and offer manufacturers a really affordable EPD option. It isn’t free but for the work that goes into and compared to the cost for say “Flammability testing” which I snark is sticking something in a box and lighting it on fire to record the results, we are comparable in cost and “affordability”

  2. We help them see the potential value. EPDs can also unlock sales opportunities for Manufacturers. They can meet spec’s, they can contribute to LEED credits, or its required as part of Procurement (Buy Clean California as an example). You want to sell into the Green Building Marketplace? An EPD is a good way to do that. There is a carrot on the other end of the stick.

  3. We tell them they may be asked for EPDs more in the future. Most manufacturers are trying to determine how important this request is vs. nine dozen other requests. If they only get one ask for an EPD, it is easy for a Manufacturer to decide that an EPD it isn’t important to the market. BUT 100 requests, it is all the sudden important. I always find it interesting when I talk to a Manufacturer and they say they have never been asked for an EPD, or only for “this one job”. One little request won’t help anything scale.

Does that help?