Manufacturer RFI for EPDs


Hi all,

We are currently engaged in a comprehensive master specification review with a client to assess upfront embodied carbon impacts of each prescriptive spec and propose reduced/low-carbon alternatives. In addition to this we are using this exercise as an opportunity to encourage our manufacturing partners to provide environmental product declarations for their products. Our goal is engage the manufacturers whose products currently in the spec have no environmental data available, requesting them to provide EPDs and providing them with material on the benefits (both environmental and economical as we believe providing EPDs will give a competitive advantage). We are drafting an open letter as a effective means to reaching a broad range of suppliers.

Has anyone engaged in something like this before? Did you have success? Any strategies or resources to share in general about education manufactures about EPDs? Anything could be a resource for us so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Hi Ryan,

Have you seen the sample EPD Request Letters from Building Transparency? We have used them as a starting place for our spec. section.

We’ve also included the Base Bid Alternate Bid approach, asking suppliers to provide costing for an alternate-low carbon option in addition to the business as usual product. We haven’t had much return on this ask, but hope that it at least influences the industry in the right direction. Would be happy to hear your experience!

Hi Forest,

Thanks for passing this along. Templates like this can inform the what we are up to.

We have been considering something similar for certain items. I will reach out directly with some follow up questions.

Thanks again!