Is there a disconnect between researchers, practitioners, and policy makers?

I’ll be starting my graduate education this fall. Ever since I started working on net zero energy research, one question has stuck to the back of my mind: “this research may be great, but are the results inciting actionable changes?” More often than not, I felt deflated about the real world impact of the research.

It’s important to me that (my) research work is part of something larger than just the academic lexicon. I’m interested to hear from this esteemed community. Do you perceive a disconnect between researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, like I do? Do you have an opinion why such a disconnect exists? What can we do to improve the information pipeline between stakeholders?

David, good question. You may find this article helpful - it describes collaboration between researchers and practitioners on embodied carbon that resulted in actionable changes. The Carbon Leadership Forum is one of the “stars” in the article.

Validating an Emerging Design Area through Industry-Academia Research Partnerships
in Technology/Architecture + Design (2021) 5:1, 14-18.