January 2022 Meeting of the Embodied Carbon NGO Roundtable

CLF’s Embodied Carbon Roundtable has the following objectives:

  • Share news, strategic plans, resources, and tools related to embodied carbon.
  • Report planning and future dates for conferences, webinars, and meetings.
  • Inspire and facilitate ongoing communication and conversation among key leaders related to embodied carbon.
  • Encourage convergence on shared embodied carbon terminology, data standards, benchmarks, and targets for embodied carbon reduction.

Meeting date January 13. 32 attendees, 90 minute meeting

Recording of meeting

Reports from organizations

  1. Dorian Bailey - Port of New York/New Jersey


  1. Monika Henn - Urban Land Institute (ULI)
    ULI Net Zero Imperative:


Register your interest as panelist:

3. Victor Olgyay - RMI

4. Chris Magwood - Builders for Climate Action, Endeavour Centre, BEAM tool
NRCan study can be found here: https://www.buildersforclimateaction.org/uploads/1/5/9/3/15931000/bfca-enercan-report-web.pdf

New book, Build Beyond Zero:

  1. Debbie Weyl - World Resources Institute

  2. Ken Levenson - Passive House Network
    PHN Symposium Jan 26-27:

PHN PHribbon Jan:

  1. Stacy Smedley - Building Transparency (EC3, Tally, openEPD, etc.)
    Embodied Carbon Action Plan:

EC3 Database API Link:


  1. Bruce King - EcoBuild Network
    New book, Build Beyond Zero:
  1. Frances Yang - SE2050
    Resources Overview – SE2050

some thoughts on industry-design-utilities concerted pathways to net zero. Not a real prediction at all, just a humble perspective:

  1. Kayleigh Houde - MEP2040
  1. Miya Kitahara – StopWaste – federal grant proposal
    $1B Build Back Better Regional Challenge Finalists | U.S. Economic Development Administration

  2. Chris Petit - Passive House Canada

  1. Mark Brandt - ZNCC (Zero Net Carbon Collaboration)
  1. Larry Strain - CARE tool (Carbon Avoided: Retrofit Estimator)
    CARE - Carbon Avoided: Retrofit Estimator - Carbon Leadership Forum

For Updates contact Larry Strain lstrain@siegelstrain.com
we have the excel version. We are not giving out very much currently, but please contact me if you want to try it out, and we’ll see what we can do.

  1. Wes Sullens - USGBC
    Free course of the week: Embodied carbon and the building envelope | U.S. Green Building Council
  1. Webly Bowles - New Buildings Institute
    Lifecycle GHG Impacts IN Building Codes report:

Feel free to contact me about embodied carbon in codes: webly@newbuildings.org
17. Vincent Martinez and Ed Mazria - Architecture 2030

  1. Chris Uraine - Energy Solutions
    For more info on our T24 Part 6 (building efficiency) work:
  1. Jacob Serfling - Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition


  1. Katie Fields Washington Environmental Council (WEC)

21. Melissa Morancy - AIA
AIA-CLF Embodied Carbon Toolkit for Architects

Most recent 2030 By the Numbers

  1. Pamela Conrad – Climate Positive Design
  1. Shawn Hesse – International Living Futures Institute (ILFI)


  1. Luca De Giovanetti – World Business Council for Sustainable Development
    WBCSD circular economy webinar:
  1. Eric Werling, U.S. DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) program director – working with DOE National Labs to plan for future evolution of DOE/EPA home certification programs from operational energy to net zero emissions. This will ultimately need to include accounting for embodied carbon in the certification process, ideally through the existing HERS infrastructure. Same metrics could be applied for retrofits, with obvious limitations.

Should your NGO organization join the NGO Embodied Carbon Roundtable? Contact @clf-admin for an invitation.