LA Hub Kickoff - Share feedback and suggestions for future events

We kicked off the LA hub with a zoom happy hour yesterday! It was really great to meet everyone. If you were at the kickoff, what did you think? We would love to hear your feedback.

What would you like to see at future LA hub events? Please share ideas and suggestions in this thread. Are you interested in learning how to use LCA tools? Presentations from subject matter experts in specific areas? Discipline specific discussions? Social happy hour events? Something else? Let us know!

If you have expertise you’d like to share with the LA hub at a future event, let us know here or email the LA hub organizers at


This is fantastic to hear about! Congratulations on your first meeting. I’d love to hear more, like how many people shoed up and what did you talk about? What is the value that people see in starting to connect in this way?

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Thanks to all who were able to join last Thursday. We’re very excited about the interest and impact we can have together in Los Angeles.

If you want to go back and reference the slide deck, you can find it here: CLF-LA Kickoff and Embodied Carbon 101 (6/11/20).

As we touched on during the kickoff, we are looking to emphasize and facilitate sharing amongst this community, so we can all learn and better ourselves toward the collective goal of carbon reduction and an healthier future.


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Hey @clf-admin! I think there are a lot of people who are interested in embodied carbon and the important role of paying attention to our materials and where they come from plays in our future.

There were 40 on the Zoom call. We opened the call talking about the important conversation in front of us right now with the BLM movement and critical role of racial equality and environmental justice in the climate movement. Then we had a short Embodied Carbon 101 presentation followed by breakout room discussions of 5-7 people. In a future call, I think we’ll look to double down on the breakout rooms to help facilitate building connections and community.