Low embodied carbon ceramic tile and washroom fixture manufacturers?

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I’m working on a commercial office project that is prioritizing lower carbon finishes. Does anyone have any thoughts on ceramic tile and washroom fixture (toilet, urinal, sinks) manufacturers who disclose the embodied carbon and/or have low embodied carbon products?


The German ÖKOBAUDAT database has a section with some industry average information for tiles etc.:
I hope that helps

Also the Swiss KBOB dataset has an entry per mass unit for “Sanitärkeramik”, which basically is an umbrella term for toilet, urinal, sinks.


MOSA has the C2C label (which is not super strict: 25% recyclable materials)

Kohler publishes Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for most of its fixtures products. EPDs include life cycle GHG emissions along with several other categories of environmental impacts: https://www.us.kohler.com/us/EPD/article/CNT125300002.htm#kdfep

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In regards to a tile, Whole Forest offers a wood tile with a negative carbon value. Not sure if this meets your needs, but it’s always good to have sustainably sourced wood finishes in your material library!