***Members of A/E/C & Reuse Communities: We Need Your Help!***

Hello CLF Construction Community!

All For Reuse is an initiative that strives to catalyze a closed-loop ecosystem for commercial building materials. Why?

  • Massive amounts of commercial building materials are landfilled across the country & world.
  • There are virtually no enterprises that reclaim and resell commercial materials.
  • There is no demand for reclaimed commercial materials!

Our Mission: Jump-start demand by securing voluntary commitments from large property owners to consider buying reclaimed materials in future commercial building projects, thereby fostering new businesses and infrastructure, creating necessary resources, and recovering more materials. The goals are:

  • Reduce Waste & Emissions
  • Foster New Circular Economy Businesses
  • Accelerate the Rate of Change

Here’s how you can help:

Let’s work together this decade to make reuse the new recycling!
Feel free to contact the All For Reuse organizers at info@allforreuse.org.

Thanks for your collaboration,

Andrew Ellsworth, Doors Unhinged, LLC
Frances Yang, Arup North America
Emily English, GCI General Contractors
Yarden Harari, CallisonRTKL