Minimizing Operational Carbon within Whole Life Carbon for New Construction

My colleagues and I presented this session at ASHRAE’s new Decarbonization Conference last week. We are in the process of writing a paper on it for SimBuild 2024. But until then you can watch the video with the link below:

This session will review the operational carbon from energy usage emissions (B6) along with water and wastewater emissions (B7) and refrigerant leakage (B1) end-of-life leakage (C1) with respect to the building construction emissions (A1-A5) for a 28-yr study period.

We will present the results for office and multi-family buildings in five different climate zones to review what strategies led to the lowest operational GHG emissions.

We will tally the GHG emissions per ASHRAE Standard 240P (using EN 15978 nomenclature) and review the carbon offsets in order to achieve net zero carbon per ASHRAE Standard 228.

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