October 2021 Meeting of the Embodied Carbon NGO Roundtable

CLF’s Embodied Carbon Roundtable has the following objectives:

  • Share news, strategic plans, resources, and tools related to embodied carbon.
  • Report planning and future dates for conferences, webinars, and meetings.
  • Inspire and facilitate ongoing communication and conversation among key leaders related to embodied carbon.
  • Encourage convergence on shared embodied carbon terminology, data standards, benchmarks, and targets for embodied carbon reduction.

Recording of meeting -

Reports from:

  1. Elaine Oneill, CORRIM

full report on trillion trees and how to expand on it through material use and reuse opportunities

  1. Duncan Cox, LETI – London Energy Transformation Initiative
  2. Rebecca Esau, RMI
  3. Erin McDade, Architecture 2030


  1. Marnese Jackson, Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition
    MWBDC Carbon Roundtable.pdf - Google Drive

  2. Lori Ferriss, ZNCC and CARE tool

  3. Mark Brandt, ZNCC
    Webinar on Building Reuse is Climate Action! | Historic England

  4. Roland Hunziker, WBCSD
    Net-zero buildings: Where do we stand? - World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
    Decarbonizing construction: Guidance for investors and developers to reduce embodied carbon - World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

  5. Chris Magwood, Endeavour Centre and Builders for Climate Action

10. Fin MacDonald, Canada Green Building Council

11. Cliff Majersik, Institute for Market Transformation
12. Dorian Bailey, Port Authority of New York/New Jersey
13. Mic Patterson, Facade Tectonics Institute

14. Stacy Smedley, Building Transparency


  1. Bruce King, EcoBuild Network – bruce@ecobuildnetwork.org
  2. Reshma Singh, IMPEL and LBNL
  1. Renilde Becque, senior EC lead on projects with multiple organizations


  1. Tessa DeVreese, C40


  1. Webly Bowles, NBI
    Quick NBI recap: We are still evolving the embodied code building code language for concrete and steel GWP limits and working to include in ASHRAE 189.1 (along with Bruce King!). We have been providing the language to jurisdictions when requested. webly@newbuilding.org
  2. Chris Ballard, Passive House Canada
  3. Michael Deru, overall NREL intro
  4. Pamela Conrad
  1. Paul Torcellini, NREL work with Design & Construction Allies


  1. Linda Kogan, International Living Future Institute
  2. Frances Yang, SE 2050
  1. Debbie Weyl, WRI

and this blog (with link to letter to Congress) from NRDC:

And two updates directly from WRI, in case folks aren’t aware: we published 2 papers in March on how one might design tradable low-carbon product standards for key products: Cement

and Steel

  1. Chris Uraine, Energy Solutions
  2. Rachel Baker, Washington Environmental Council,
  1. Pamela Conrad, IFLA.
    The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) has called upon its members from 77 nations representing over 70,000 landscape architects worldwide to assert their leadership and invite governments to do the same ahead of the UN COP26 meetings in Glasgow later this month.

This global union and run-up to COP26 is a significant leadership move on the part of landscape architects and allied professionals in support of Architecture 2030. This development will be shared at multiple COP26 events. With IFLA’s Climate Action Commitment supporting the Built Environment Communiqué, this segment of the community is showing their commitment and asking governments to step up.

At this link you can find the press release, and here you will find videos, graphics, and quote images from many of the contributing team members.

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