On-going R&D/Study (Structural & Delivery Method - Innovation Strategy): Reduction of EC in Tall Building Superstructure by 40-50%

We are excited to be involved with the CLF and are interested in starting a conversation about our structural innovation strategy and Embodied Carbon (EC) reduction improvements. Any suggestions out there for an individual, group, or educational institution that can assist with our efforts in studying/documenting total EC reduction via multiple conceptual Whole Building LCAs would be greatly appreciated.

TGE has a revolutionary building process, based on a wholistic structural design for tall buildings, that is integrated with the construction delivery process. The TGE Top Down (TD) Technology building process is a complete system with a new approach to building, with both Lean practices and a proprietary structural delivery solution eliminating 40%+/- of the buildings materials by weight, eliminating the need for interior and exterior columns. Compared to a traditional building model (conventional buildings with interior and exterior columns) TD is significantly lighter, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Vertical integration of industrialized construction and structural design reduces the total Embodied Carbon up to 50% for mid/high rise construction versus traditional construction (CIP Post Tension Flat Plate Concrete) where superstructure may account for 40% of the EC on a typical structure.

For additional information on our system, time-lapse videos, and building simulations of our building, visit our homepage at www.tgetopdown.com.

We can share current EC models for TD versus conventional construction [(2) 10-Story Commercial Labs completed in 2017/2018; and additional design models for 16-story and 20-story structure(s)]; currently in progress on a 32-Story Affordable Housing tower and twin tower 23-Story apartments in Denver, CO. Very excited to share our Embodied Carbon and sustainability advancements and look forward to industry participation for continued improvements!


Hi Daniel,

Sound very interesting! Feel free to send me an email (boris@stok.com) and we can discuss exactly what you’re looking for.


Will do. Thanks for your interest. We are always looking forward to connecting with interested parties. Dan

Hi Daniel,

It is quite an interesting project, please also feel free to contact me on (m.robati@gmail.com). Would it be possible to see your EC models?

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Hi Daniel, feel free to contact me rachel.nicely@sustainbldgs.com