Embodied Carbon Benchmarks Survey

Hi Everyone! Does anyone have a good resource for whole-building embodied carbon benchmarks broken down by building use and building category (structure, foundation, envelope, interior)?
I know of CLF’s 2017 Benchmark Study (great resource!) but are there any others?
I know many architecture firms are creating their own internal benchmarks and there has been talk to combine them into an industry-wide resource. Has there been any movement on that initiative and if so how can I get involved? Thanks!



At One Click LCA we’ve produced a few of these reports, maybe the following are of interest to you.

Embodied Carbon Benchmark for European Buildings
The Embodied Carbon Review
Decarbonizing Construction - Guidance for Developers and Investors to reduce embodied carbon

We are always happy to discuss such projects so you can always shoot me an email at vasilis.kalfountzos@bionova.fi !


Our CLF Bay Area hub is looking into a regional benchmarking effort similar to the one done by CLF in 2017. SE2050 also collects data, but I don’t think their database is publicly assesble at this point - hopefully in the future. It would be great to have a some central repository for all benchmarking efforts.


We are just about to start a benchmarking for buildings in the Toronto area. Hopefully, we’ll have results to share by January 2022.

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