One Click LCA Webinar: Low-carbon aluminium as a solution for sustainable construction (25 Aug 2020)

Together with RUSAL, at one One Click LCA we are hosting a free live webinar on how low-carbon aluminium can be used for sustainable construction.

Traditional aluminium production accounts for 4-5% of the global electricity demand and is expected to double by 2050, so the need to find sustainable alternatives is imperative. Low-carbon aluminium is produced with renewable energy and using it can reduce embodied carbon in construction projects by up to one fifrth.

Join the webinar and learn about:

  • The carbon impact of traditional primary aluminium
  • How low-carbon aluminium can provide a solution for new buildings and retrofits
  • Role low-carbon aluminium can play as a solution for manufacturers
  • The role of low-carbon aluminium in certification credits and compliance
  • The challenges of low-carbon aluminium production (RUSAL)
  • Low-carbon aluminium carbon footprint transparency and accountability (RUSAL)

25 August 2020

10am EDT

Panu Pasanen, CEO at Bionova, Developers of One Click LCA
Jerome Lucaes, Marketing Director, Sustainability, at RUSAL

If you can’t attend, register using the link above and we’ll send you the recording!