Phone app and/or emailing posts

One of the advantages with basecamp is that there is a phone app, as well as the option to have new posts sent to you by email. With this new platform, I can’t see anywhere where you can set your emailing preferences, e.g. follow a category or a tag. Also, is there an app available for this platform?

OK, so I think I found the notification page, but I still have the question about an app…


A quick search on the Discourse website shows me that there is no app. Now that you found the notification page, what other features would you want to see?

I don’t always get e-mail notifications for categories I’m following. I seem to be getting new threads, but not responses to existing threads.

Yes, there is an app! Or rather, a web app, which essentially adds a logo for the smartphone-optimized version of the forum to your phone. Just use your phone’s web browser to log on to the forum, and you will see a message asking if you want to install on your phone.

When you’ve done this successfully (hopefully) would you report back?

So regarding email notifications, I didn’t get a notification for this response, but I had the webpage open, perhaps that is why… I’ll check the web app…

I didn’t get a prompt to install any web apps when I went to the forum on my phone. Using Galaxy S7, android v 8.0.0, firefox v68.5.0. I did however get a banner alert asking to enable notifications, but that’s something different…

OK, try this. In your’s phone’s browser, go to the front page of the forum. Then, in your browser’s settings (in Chrome this would be three little dots piled vertically) select “Add to Home Screen”.