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CLF Community User Guide 5-1-2020.pdf (662.5 KB)

This Community, hosted by the Carbon Leadership Forum, is an information neighborhood composed of individuals within focus groups committed to designing embodied and operational carbon out of our new and renovated buildings to achieve a carbon neutral built environment by 2050.

Get an Invitation to Create a User Account on CLF Community
To join this Community, you must first join CLF. After you join CLF, you get a Welcome email message from the Carbon Leadership Forum. Then a member of the CLF staff logs into the CLF Community to trigger a second automatic email inviting the new member to set up an account. Our goal is to respond within 24 hours with the email invitation to create a user account on CLF Community.

There’s an app for that…CLF on your phone!
There are actually 2 ways to visit the community on your smartphone. The first way:

  1. Visit your app store – either Apple or Android.
  2. Download the DiscourseHub app.
  3. In the app, add
  4. When CLF Community pops up, click on Connect.

    In your phone’s web browser, type “”. Then using your browser menu, add the site to your home screen or to your favorites.

Create a New Topic
On the home page, click New Topic . Your new Topic might be a link to a provocative article or report you read recently, a significant question, reference, or point of view, an announcement, or a link to a resource.

Send Messages
To send a direct message – to the author of a Topic or another person who commented on a Topic, just click on the username, and then click on the blue Message button.

Change Your Email Summaries
At your choice, you can get a regular email summing up activity on CLF Community every week, every day, or only when you haven’t visited in a while. Click your username, then on Preferences, and then on Emails. To get a regular update regardless of whether you visit, click on Enable mailing list mode .

Get a LOT of Notifications (or None)
You can get a million email notifications when someone comments on a post you’ve written or are interested in, or you can get zip, nada, nary a one. It’s up to you. Click on your username, select Preferences, then click on Notifications.

Get Notified about New Topics in a Category
Click on your username, select Preferences, click on Notifications, then add Categories.

Join a Focus Group
Join a Focus Group on a Topic such as Materials, or LCA Data, or Reuse, or Construction, or Policy, or…you get the idea. (Select Groups from the Key Links menu).

Join or Start a Local or Regional Hub
Regional Hubs help CLF Members in cities around the world share best practices, discuss solutions, and spread the word about decarbonization. To join a Regional Hub that are now starting up, go to the list of Groups and look for the names of groups starting with the word Hub . No Hub listed for where you live? Start your own Hub.

Use Categories and Tags
When you post a Topic for discussion, make sure you add a Category to the Topic. The system supports a limited number of top level-categories designed to support the Community. In addition, any user creating a Topic can select and apply an existing tag or create a new tag. Before creating a new tag, explore the existing tags to try to find one that might meet your needs.

Create a Onebox
To share an interesting link or resource, just paste the URL into a New Topic. When you save the Topic your URL will automatically turn into a cool little graphical box with picture, text, and link to the site.

Upload Image or or Share a File
When you create a new Topic you can upload a document into the Topic that others can download – a PDF, Word file, or graphic, for example. Try it out!

Change Your Personal Preferences
To make the CLF Community more convenient and useful for you, click on your username, then click Preferences. You can edit your Profile, username, email address, password, and Primary Group. Customize your profile to introduce yourself to the community. Add a photo, add a short bio, list your website, feature a Topic you posted.

Post a Video from Youtube or Vimeo
Just create a new Topic, copy the URL of your video from Youtube or Vimeo, and then paste the URL into your Topic. When you save the Topic, your video will appear ready to play.

Create or Embed a Poll
To create and conduct a poll or survey within CLF Community, create a new Topic, then click on the little gear icon in the editing bar, and then select Build Poll. Alternatively, you can create a poll or survey in an outside platform such as Google Forms or Microsoft Forms, and embed the form in your new Topic simply by pasting the URL of the form into your Topic.

Embed a Google Calendar in a Topic
Create a Calendar on Google, add events, share the calendar to the public. Then create a new Topic and past the URL of your calendar into the topic.

The Rules
Have fun. Share your ideas and resources. Support others. Be kind . Those are the rules of the road. Any questions or problems? Message @clf-admin

CLF Community User Guide 5-1-2020.pdf (662.5 KB)

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“DiscourseHub” app for any other Android users having a hard time finding the app.