Prefab wall panel for Mid-High rise building?

Hello all,
Im looking for recommendations for a wall panel system for a mid-rise and high-rise multifamily residential building, both targeting a LEED PLATINUM rating along with using CLT. Most importantly, we’re looking at a prefabricated system -low carbon, cradle to cradle certified if possible. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you

Hi Divya,

If you are in Europe, I would recommend checking out EcoCocon ( Their panels are carbon positive, storing 88,7 kg/m2 (A1-A3). They’ve had Cradle to Cradle and Passivhaus certificates since 2016. There are lots of useful documents for AEC professionals available on their site, too. They have a document for low-rise buildings showing at least 5 floors ( Might be worth contacting them.

There are also some good recommendations over at this post: Bio-based carbon Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

I’m not sure if there are any other prefab panel companies listed, but here are a couple sites to check:

Happy hunting!

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Thanks Erik. Very helpful! Joe

Thank you for the recommendations Erik. I’m based out of United States and in California. I have looked at healthy materials lab. Ecococon seems to be apt for single family or smaller multifamily units. I’m going to hunt for more in the meantime :slight_smile:

Check out Sustainable Living Innovations. Please tell them that Emerald Cities referenced them.

Thank you Steve. Will do.