RFP: "Carbon" NESEA NYC Conf. September 24th

The NESEA (North East Sustainable Energy Association) conference in NYC September 24th of this year is called “Carbon”. Our goal is to showcase a holistic view and address the GWP impact of the entire life cycle of our buildings. We are specifically reaching out to this group of experts and committed leaders, for your input! Please present your good work on this vital issue!

The deadline to submit proposals is April 7th.

As others have been saying, lets keep brainstorming and working so we do not loose momentum! This NYC conference is many months away and we remain optimistic. As many of you may know, the NESEA Boston conference was postponed and we look forward to when it does take place!

We know this group has a lot to share:

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Hi All, just a reminder about this RFP. We hope many here can share their insights in NYC!