Toward a Tradable Low-Carbon Cement Standard: Policy Design Considerations for the United States

#Cement is the source of about 8% of the world’s #carbonemissions. Newly published paper by World Resources Institute (with support from Breakthrough Energy and Gates Ventures outlines design considerations for an effective #lowcarbon cement standard in the United States, including how to set #benchmarks and stringency, how to address leakage and #competitiveness, and how to structure #costmanagement policies.

Findings: “A low-carbon cement standard that sets a limit on the emissions intensity of cement by using tradable credits can encourage the adoption of existing abatement opportunities while setting a clear regulatory road map to inspire long-term investment in deep emissions reductions…Design considerations include how to define an emissions intensity metric, set the #benchmark stringency, establish a price ceiling and floor for credits, and address the risk of leakage and competitiveness concerns.”

Well done to authors Taryn Fransen, Katie Lebling, Debbie Weyl, Kevin Kennedy and thanks to reviewers including Meghan Lewis (Carbon Leadership Forum) and Jeremy Gregory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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