UK Carbon Leadership Forum 2021

Evening UK Carbon Leadership Forum Members!

I hope you are all safe and well. My name is Chris Landsburgh and I am a Chartered Environmentalist working for a Civil Engineering Contractor in the UK. Like you all, I am working in, and have an ever growing interest in the embodied Carbon space, and the role we each play educating and enabling industry to meet neutrality and net zero carbon goals.

At the start of this month I was appointed as a Forum Leader by the CLF; and with this been asked to reignite the group conversations, increase awareness of embodied carbon and explore how we could increase our membership in the UK; as well as collaborate and learn from global leaders. As a good platform for professionals, later this month I am going to create a UK CLF LinkedIn Group which I’ll share to this thread. I’d be grateful if you could join it.

I would equally be interested in finding out from you all whether you would be interested in assisting in developing the group, sharing insights within the embodied carbon space, as well as participating and organising presentations, webinars and interviews to boost the UK and Global CLF community.

If you have any thoughts or questions as to how we can do this together that would be appreciated!

Have a good evening!