UPCOMING: Carl Elefante Webinar: Buildings Sequester Carbon

Hi CLF Community,

It’s my pleasure to invite you to join 2018 AIA President and Quinn Evans Principal Emeritus Carl Elefante on a webinar as he shares his passion and his perspective on decarbonizing the building industry.

There’s simply no better way to describe Carl than to proclaim he is a rock star in the world of embodied carbon. Among the many passionate individuals I’ve met in this mission, Carl is among the most accomplished and driven in his field. CarbonCure is honoured to host this upcoming webinar, where we let Carl take the reins and present his decarbonization vision, as he sees it.

Please join us on September 29 at 11:30am PST for this live webinar. To learn more and to register for the webinar, click here: Carl Elefante Webinar.

Christie Gamble,
Senior Director of Sustainability, CarbonCure
CLF BoD Member

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