Using & streamlining TallyCAT across projects?

Any success stories for using the new free TallyCAT (as opposed to Tally LCA)? I starting using the paid version of Tally for embodied carbon reporting last year, but I’m excited by what I’m learning about TallyCAT. For starters, everyone in the office could use it at the same time since we wouldn’t be limited by the number of floating licenses. It sounds like tallyCAT has great abilities to duplicate information for use on future projects (not have to re-invent the wheel each time).

I’ve downloaded tallyCAT and tested it out a bit. I tried running it on a model that I had just finished a report with TallyLCA (paid version). The result was not streamlined and the tallyCAT model needed a lot of work. Also hard to compare apples to apples if the embodied carbon numbers were equivalent. I do like the graphics from tallyCAT though and the visualization of carbon “hot spots” in the Revit model.

I would love to hear thoughts of others who have tried this new version and if you think there is value in trying to make it part of the design workflow for carbon accounting. Or if it still has a ways to go and won’t replace paid software any time soon.