LCA outcome logging methodology


wondering if anyone has a way of organizing LCA data from different trials. I’m playing around with different material selection to see if it can decrease the carbon footprint. Made a spreadsheet myself but if you have a different way of doing this, please share!


I have designed a tableau exploratory dashboard to review and compare two different Tally raw data exports. It has been helpful to quickly see GWP hot spots and potential errors in the model. It allows us to filter by Life Cycle Stage, Spec Division, and Revit Category, and sort by GWP and Mass. Still a work in progress, happy to share more off line.


this is beautiful!

We don’t have as robust of a dashboard as this (Jesse, that looks really useful!), but we approach review in a similar way. I set up a project overview excel sheet that I can copy data into and quickly see what the top and bottom mass and gwp entries are. It’s useful to point out hot spots and to identify issues in the model.

We use One Click but export the results to a report template that gives these consistent graphs which is helpful to identify carbon hotspots, errors and compare between scenarios. We’ve found this level of data covers most of our needs, particularly the last graph which uses the RICS NRM classifications

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Thanks Jaein, appreciate that. I have found the Tally reports very difficult to synthesize quickly so now that I have this dashboard all I need to do is import a new Tally report excel file and I have a much simpler way to explore the data and tool to review with the design teams about what hot spots or modeling concerns we have.

James, I like the Sub Category stacked bars you created. I am trying to do a similar viz with our Tally data using the Assembly Code Type Property which aligns with the CSI UniFormat. This should allow us to categorize our GWP data based on the functional building element which is more intuitive.

This looks amazing, would you be willing to share that file with me? I’m at a structural engineering firm that recently signed on to the SE2050 challenge.