Welcome to the Leadership Summit for Climate, Wood, & Forests Forum

Leadership Summit for Climate, Wood, & Forests

In advance of the Summit, Working Groups will be sorting through some of the most pressing questions and concerns facing wood, carbon, and forestry today.

This private group site will serve as a record of internal discussion and questions organized by theme. On this site, all posts are called “Topics”. All members should feel free to create a topic, attached files, references, and notes, or respond to a topic posted by someone else in your working group. Posts are only viewable by members invited to this group, so please, feel free to express your thoughts and opinions freely in this working space.

To post a topic to this page, apply the “wood-summit” category to your post when creating it. Please also tag the relevant working group as well.

All working files are located on a shared GoogleDrive.
See the Shared Documents and Resources thread to access.

Please reach out to Stephanie Carlisle with any questions, suggestions, or issues.
by messaging @StephCarlisle.