A few inspirations amidst the insanity

This short video, " Letter from the Virus ," is beautiful, moving, and powerful. That and this article stitch together the pandemic/climate story in a way that’s much needed across the globe!

Humans were evolved to be much better able to respond to acute as opposed to chronic threats; I believe this is perhaps the primary reason we have such a hard time making faster progress on climate – a problem that seems chronic on a human time scale despite being acute, when considered in terms of planetary systems effects. By contrast, the pandemic is an obviously acute event. I believe if we can use tools such as this video and article in a widespread, effective way, we may be able to FINALLY catalyze a response to climate chaos as an acute situation.

I’m hoping this is something our messaging geniuses can figure out how to use!

Meanwhile, for spirit lifting, MUST view videos:

Viva Italia!

Stay well, everyone! Thanks for this community.