Agrifiber and CalPants Products - Cabinetry and Doors?

Hi CLF Community,
Has anyone used these products, preferably in Housing?

Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

I suggest contacting.
She can give you the lowdown on the product.

Thanks, Ralph!
And Ruchi, I can help you with this. As of this point, no one has used our MDF because we haven’t quite yet started up our manufacturing operation in Northern California. We did experience some Covid-related delays, but I’m happy to report we are back to work and on the path to an October start-up. If you’d like more detail on our MDF that you are unable to find on our website (, please let me know. Our rice straw-based MDF is going to be very comparable to wood-based MDF both in performance and cost.
And this September we’ll be launching a new website in support of our official product launch into the market this fall. So, please stay tuned for more to come. Thanks!

Elizabeth, at CLF we are expressly interested in developing biogenic building materials sourced both from agricultural waste such as rice-husks and and purpose-grown crops such as hemp and bamboo… So please keep us in the loop.

Will absolutely do so! Thank you…