An Interactive Journey to Building Essential Embodied Carbon Knowledge (3.5 AIA LU|HSW CEUs)

Registration is now open for the May 10th Interactive Journey to Building Essential Embodied Carbon Knowledge workshop at the 2023 Getting to Zero Forum in Minneapolis, MN! The workshop will be useful for designers and policymakers with a basic to advanced understanding of embodied carbon.

“Embodied carbon is quickly becoming a crucial topic for designers and policymakers as the industry focuses on building decarbonization. This interactive workshop will take attendees on a journey to uncover strategies for reducing embodied carbon in building design and construction, and jurisdictional policies. Through collaborative activities and presentations, participants will quickly learn the basics of why, the rules of thumb, and pending policies encouraging low-carbon projects. Once we’ve uncovered the basics, we will investigate the details – from gaining buy-in, cost impacts, deep carbon reduction in concrete and other products, supply chain consideration, tools, and understanding uncertainty in carbon accounting. This workshop will have a particular emphasis on strategies for reducing embodied carbon through building design and policies. Presentations from leading experts will examine building and policy case studies and reveal how barriers were overcome. Participants will be given a building design or policy, and working in groups, teams will brainstorm and uncover tactics for reducing embodied carbon in a hypothetical project. Finally, attendees will leave the workshop with the base tools they need to take into their daily decision-making as well as a new network of #embodiedcarbon professionals.”
Time: 9:00 am-12:30 pm
Cost: $150

Questions? Contact Webly Bowles or Erin Murphy at New Buildings Institute.

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