Benchmarking Embodied Carbon in Schools

I am an intern working to develop a benchmark for embodied carbon in school buildings.

Does anyone have school building data or related studies to share with me for this collaborative database? I am looking for regional location, the tool used for the analysis, scope of LCA, total embodied carbon, gross area, type of school, number of floors, number of students, and if there are any unique programs (ex. swimming pool).

I really appreciate any and all help!

hi @kquan - @anthony.pak just gave a great presentation to CLF Vancouver yesterday about some of the benchmarking that’s out there and how it relates to their emerging LCA policies. I believe that will be posted to their website as well.

In the meantime, you might check out (but don’t expect the granularity of swimming pools :slight_smile: ):
[EU Embodied Carbon Benchmarks - One Click LCA® software
LETI Embodied Carbon Primer (schools)

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Also check out this report from RMI “Decarbonization Roadmap Guide for School Building Decision Makers”

The supplemental Decarbonization Roadmapping Planner tracking spreadsheet might be a great resource to use as well.


Hi Kyle - shoot me an email at Just want to understand the intent and accessibility of this database before sharing any proprietary Skanska EC3 data related to your ask.