Building LCA Opportunity

Hello All,
I’m looking for a remote volunteering opportunity for doing buildings LCA with a company. Any recommendations? Im already an expert, so no need for courses…

I’m not sure this is a thing – having volunteers doing building LCAs.

Any company that does LCA work for projects is liable for that work. No one will immediately die if you get it wrong (it’s not structural engineering) but there is significant reputational risk at stake – either for greenwashing a carbon intensive project, or deviating from standards and compromising the viability of a project.

Also, there is a growing industry of professionals taking on this work, in return for fair wages. If you are a building LCA expert, why would you try to volunteer, effectively undercutting those professionals? I would suggest to put your hat in the ring for an LCA consultancy role :slight_smile: Get paid a fair and honest wage for that time.

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Hello Mike
Thank you for your reply and your advice.

This is actually a very good idea. Yet, I wanted to work more inside a company just to get the human interaction and advantages of working inside a corporation/compnay.

Yet, it looks thar I will put myself directly as a building LCA consultant…

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Actually, while I agree w Mike that you should not undercut working professionals, I know of small scale materials producers who cannot afford to have EPD’s developed. You might consider doing some volunteer work for them to hone your process. Doctors often work for free in communities of need.
Let me know if you would like a suggested contact.

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Hello Dan,
Thank you for the feedback. Do you have any suggested contacts for EPD development for those who need?

Please send me a direct email
DCW@AHA-engineers. Dot Com

Ill connect you w someone who needs help w that