Carbon Footprint Limits for Common Building Types

We need regulatory limits for whole-life carbon of buildings.

This is One Click LCA’s report for the Finnish government on the same.

To create the recommendations, we analyzed 482 buildings for embodied carbon and 3748 buildings for operational carbon, and created a reference building and a range of scenarios of relevance for regulatory use.

The findings are used to develop national regulations which are expected to enter in force around 2024-2025.

Also, it’s not overly long - at just 40 pages it’s the perfect bedtime reading for any construction carbon enthusiast, in Finland or elsewhere.

Note to the reader: this is a technical paper written for the substance matter expert, and requires understanding the Finnish government method for the whole life carbon assessment of buildings.

You can read the whole report here!


Thanks for sharing this exciting work! Can you post to the policy category as well? This has been a big discussion in the US as well, given that “% reduction from a baseline” doesn’t really work in a policy setting.

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