Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference next week

Next week is Washington Environmental Council’s (virtual) Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference! This event may be of interest to members of this community, since it includes discussion of carbon sequestration in forest management and in the wood supply chain.

Join us for 8 fantastic panels, featuring topics and case studies related to forest management & climate change in the West:
-Embodied carbon in wood building products
-Natural Climate Solutions
-Urban & community forestry
-The Climate Commitment Act, Washington’s new cap & invest program
-Forest carbon offset projects
-Collaborative forest restoration
-Community wildfire preparedness and resilience, and
-Multi-resource watershed management plans

More information about sessions and speakers here: Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference 2021 - Washington Environmental Council
Register here: Webinar: Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference 2021 by Washington Environmental Council

Please reach out directly to me if cost is a barrier to attending ( I hope to see you there!