City of Vancouver's Embodied Carbon Guidelines - Feedback Request and Upcoming Event

I’m super excited to share the latest draft of the City of Vancouver’s Embodied Carbon Guidelines, which is now available for public review and feedback.

Last year the City of Vancouver announced updates to the Vancouver Building By-law (VBBL) that require embodied carbon calculation and reporting for Part 3 buildings as part of the Building Permit submission, starting July 2023. The City of Vancouver has developed Embodied Carbon Guidelines to define the requirements for demonstrating compliance with the upcoming regulations.

These guidelines aim to provide practical guidance to LCA practitioners on how to measure reductions in embodied carbon at the building level and what modelling assumptions to use to define the baseline (i.e. baseline assemblies and baseline materials/EPDs by building archetype).

I have worked closely with Patrick Enright to develop these guidelines and address the early feedback we received. Now, these guidelines are being shared publicly, and we would love to hear any feedback you might have to help improve them.

While these guidelines are designed primarily to support the City of Vancouver’s policies, I hope they will also inform other jurisdictions and institutions as they develop their own embodied carbon policies.

There are two upcoming opportunities to provide learn more and provide feedback:

  1. Join our upcoming CLF Vancouver | Carbon Leadership Forum event on Monday, Jan. 16th, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm PST, where you will get the opportunity to share feedback, ask questions, as well as better understand some of the background that went into the development of these guidelines and the reporting requirements.

Register to attend the event 2023-01-16T19:00:00Z2023-01-16T20:30:00Z:

  1. Share your written feedback by completing this form by Jan. 20th. This form also includes download links for the CoV Embodied Carbon Guidelines and spreadsheet submission template.