Decision makers in the carbon storing building industry?

Hello CLF community,

I am a PhD student in Wil Srubar’s lab at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have experience with cement and concrete, but I am currently focusing on carbon-storing building materials. We are participating in a program that focuses on transitioning laboratory technologies to start up companies. One of the main focuses is “Customer Discovery” in which hypotheses about the target market are tested by interviewing individuals who work with the technology and/or make decisions about use of the proposed technology.

My team is interested in the insulation market and specifically the sustainable/green/carbon storing insulation market. I was wondering if there are any folks on here that would be willing to spend 15 to 30 minutes chatting with us? Ideally the interviewees would be in a role where they make explicit decisions about which insulation is used/purchased however we realize there is much knowledge to be gained by others in the industry. The interview would be with myself and one other individual on my team. We are not trying to sell anything and just trying to understand the business and existing problems.

Thanks and Regards,
Shane Frazier
PhD Student | Research Assistant
Materials Science and Engineering
University of Colorado Boulder