Denver Green Code Embodied Carbon Proposals!

On April 21, The Denver Green Code Committee Hearing will feature two embodied carbon proposals: concrete and steel. If approved, Denver will be the second code with low embodied carbon concrete requirements.

The committee will hear from community members who support and oppose the proposal using the Zoom platform. Maybe one of those people will be you?

The agenda should be posted here soon, under “Denver Green Code (DGC) Non-Energy Chapters.”

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Does anyone know if this topic was discussed yesterday? I am no longer able to find the reference to low embodied carbon concrete and steel on April 21 agenda.

Marci - it got moved to the May 5th hearing! I forgot to update the post.

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@weblybowles any update on this? Thanks for sharing!

Luke - The Denver Green Code accepted two embodied carbon proposals! One for concrete and another for steel!
In fall 2022, the final proposed Denver Building and Fire Code and Denver Green Code will be available for public review and will begin moving through the legislative process for adoption.

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