EC3 Training for Design/Contractor Teams


Was wondering if anyone had suggestions or knew of some resources regarding EC3 training/tutorials for teams (upcoming events, webinars, a person to talk to?). We have a few design-build projects in the works and are interested in both the LEED Procurement of Low Carbon Construction Materials pilot credit and generally utilizing EC3 effectively in design/construction, but some kind of tutorial would be helpful beforehand for both the design and contractor team.



There are a few tutorials on I recommend the following:

  1. How to Find & Compare Materials in the EC3 tool
  2. Using the EC3 Building Planner

CLF regional hubs sometimes hold live webinars about EC3. These events may also be advertised on the Events page in this forum. You can sometimes find recordings of previous webinars on regional hub Youtube channels.

We are also planning to add additional resources and scale up our live training capacity going forward.

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We have several projects tat are being filed with The Equator Principals (Required Reporting by the Federal Government) if you would like to chat about the required tracking of construction projects from the design professional all the way through commissioning and turnover to operations. Also we presented at Energy and Environmental Building Alliance with EC3 this year you can fins it on their website and linked in pages

You could also contact Built Environment plus - - to ask if they have any EC3 training courses. (BE+ used to be the local USGBC)

Contact Stacey Smedley on LinkedIn- she can walk you through the program! Great resource!