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Regional Hubs of the Carbon Leadership Forum Community are springing up! Regional hubs help interested professionals share best practices, discuss solutions, and spread the word about embodied carbon. Hubs initially arose without any particular guidance or strategic planning. However, this spontaneous growth is driven by a deep sense of urgency, and a profound desire to collaborate across our industry.

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The following hubs are now in development. Join a group and help get it off the ground!

No hub listed for where you live? Start your own hub. We invite you to be a leader. Call a meetup in your city. Host a luncheon or coffee break to discuss how create a breakthrough collaboration in your neighborhood or with your next project.


Looking for how to join the local chapter (San Francisco or East Bay). Is there are list of contacts for each chapter?
Thank you.

There will be a list of contacts in the future – just not quite yet. We are now developing a process for people to start an d join groups. For the time being, you might send a query to @wsrubar.

Hi Ned,

Connecting you to @Vaclav, who is leading ECN Bay Area!


@ned.reifenstein, email me at and I will add you to our email list.

@Vaclav, looking to start an LA chapter if one hasn’t formed already. Please advise. Thanks!

Jill, to my knowledge there is no LA chapter yet so go ahead :+1: get in touch with @wsrubar, he is the local chapter committee leader and will be able to add you to our monthly calls.

I’d love to connect with the Atlanta chapter! I’m based in New Orleans, and would consider starting one here, but think combining in this region might be better at this point?

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How does the ECN chapters differ from other organizations with similar goals - such as USGBC or ILFI? I’m in Sacramento and would be interested, but there’s not a huge community here, & I worry about professionals getting extra-curricular fatigue.

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@mike.bahr you could join our Bay Area chapter, though it’s a bit out of the way. The goal of a group like this would be to work together with AIA, USGBC, ILFI and others on the topic of Embodied Carbon specifically, so we may put their events on our calendar and work with them on joint events. The goal is not to compete but to provide space for targeted discussions and keep folks up to date on EC. The mentioned organizations typically have wider array of topics to cover.

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Hi Mike – great question!

The point of the ECN Regional Chapters, as @Vaclav, mentioned is to provide a venue for deep focus/knowledge sharing surrounding embodied carbon (and other decarbonization efforts) for the AEC community at the grassroots level. We have found that there may be some mandate to address/understand embodied carbon in other organizations (e.g., USGBC, ILFI), but the “know how” or “tools” or “resources” for professionals to actually gain traction was missing. The ECN Global and Regional Chapter organizations help with filling those gaps and catalyzing action.

The Regional Hubs will also be a venue for like-minded professionals to meet, network, strategize, and act – individual collective action, especially at the local/regional level, is what will accelerate the movement.

If the best thing for a region is to host embodied carbon advocacy within another group, that is OK too! ECN Boston and it’s direct affiliation with the local AIA chapter there is a great example! @caitlin.hart, the Regional Chapter Leader, can tell you more about that!

@wsrubar, thanks for looping me in here!

@mike.bahr - I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about how ECN local hubs might plug into existing professional services/interest groups. In Boston, our group exists through the local chapter of the AIA. Not sure about AIA Sacramento and their activity, but would be happy to discuss some strategies here or by phone. Just let me know!

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Wondering if there is an existing local hub/chapter here in Calgary?

Hi, I’m in close to Atlanta and looking for a hub in the area.

Hi all
i am doing my research on new buildings (hostel).i need some suggestion as to what new parameters i shud work on to reduce carbon emissions .climate is composite.

Andrew .pl explain about upfront carbon and also which stages should be cover in lca assessment which not been covered in general by the reasearches

Hi @jill_edelman @wsrubar I’m also interested in an LA chapter. If you’ve already got one going, let me know how I can help.

Yes, we’ve got an Atlanta hub! Select Groups from the Key Links menu and then find and join the hub. And welcome!

Any other Denver/Colorado-based folks?

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