Embodied Carbon in the UK?


I’m wondering if anyone has information on current and/or planned embodied carbon policies in the UK? I know of some very strong guidance documents on the topic that have been created from UK organizations (or should I spell it, organisations :smile: ) including the RICS guidance, however am unclear if there are specific requirements/policies in place for projects to measure, reduce and/or disclose their embodied carbon of building and/or infrastructure projects.



There is no clear policy and this is not covered in building regulations
The greater London authority is bring this in for new developments of a certain size
There is also RIBA 2030 challenge, LETI and certification which is incorporating this
The RICS guidance is mandatory for members to report but I do not think it is currently enforced
If you need any documentation or links let me know

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Thanks so much. Links to official pages and/or documentation would be appreciated!

See below:

RICS- https://www.rics.org/globalassets/rics-website/media/news/whole-life-carbon-assessment-for-the–built-environment-november-2017.pdf
GLA- : https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/planning/implementing-london-plan/planning-guidance/whole-life-cycle-carbon-assessments-guidance-pre-consultation-draft
RIBA 2030- https://www.architecture.com/about/policy/climate-action/2030-climate-challenge


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I had found the table below that might answer your question.

I also recommend the article by Jae Cotterell where I found the table:

Hope this helps!

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Hi there,
I echo @asifdin’s reply.
GLA’s new London Plan - has been draft for a while, is the only piece of official policy I know of that is going to require whole life carbon assessments to be undertaken for schemes above a certain size. No reduction requirements for embodied carbon yet.
The RICS PS is the document providing technical guidance on how to undertake such whole life carbon assessments, essentially providing a how-to to implementing the principles of EN15978 in the UK construction industry.
Initiatives like RIBA2030 and LETI are producing material to raise awareness on the whole life aspect of building impacts and introduce approaches on how to reduce those.


So much great info here – Embodied Carbon Network for the win! Thanks all.