Engaging Architects and Engineers in Climate Adaptation/Data

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I am a student at the University of Minnesota working on a Master’s of Architecture and a concurrent Master’s of Science in Sustainable Design. Working as a sustainability intern I am on a team looking at the usage of climate data within the Architecture and Engineering industry. Our team is working on understanding the current climate data and information practices, provision of climate services, and actionable solutions for our industry. We have developed a survey to understand current climate data usage and possible case study projects. I would like to invite the CLF Community to take our short survey to inform how we are creating public climate projection data.


Architecture and Engineering (A&E) professionals are well-positioned to advance climate adaptation innovations and high-value services through the effective use of climate information and data. Sources of this information are becoming more widely available, yet they are often not well-suited for immediate A&E applications.

We invite you to take this 15-minute survey to gather input on how you and your organization identify, obtain, and apply climate information and data within the A&E field of practice.

This survey is a collaborative effort by the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP) and HGA Architects and Engineers. Results from this survey will be summarized in a report and will inform the creation of dedicated professional development opportunities for A&E professionals. More broadly, survey results will articulate the needs of A&E professionals to advance climate adaptation services.

Click this link to take the survey.

For more information on this project visit this link.



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