Fluid Applied, resinous, and terrazzo flooring in tallyLCA?

Hello Tally users!

We are assessing several projects that have poured flouring (healthcare, athletic centers, labs), and there doesn’t seem to be a good definition for this in tally LCA’s current database. I know more data will be coming in the future - but for now - what are others using as a substitution or workaround to define this material?


Hey Jesce, does the flooring product that you’re using have an EPDs? It might not be an ideal work around, since often times the EPDs only have A1-A3 impacts, but you can use Tally to do the material take offs to replace the impacts based off the EPD. This assumes you’re already poking around in the raw tally data tab.

Thanks, Justin! In some cases, yes, in others, no.

We’re trying to focus on standardizing our approach in Tally, because it is so consistent and easy to teach others, and then certainly would move onto EPDs once the Tally study is established.

Update from @Vaclav at BT:

The closest proxy [in tallyLCA] is Engineered stone tile, with 15% epoxy and 85% fillers. Some of the resinous flooring may have more epoxy, I see examples of ~25%, so it’s not an exact representation but for now that’s the best I can recommend. We do have this on our list of materials to be added/refined.

Engineered stone tile is located under “Finishes > Tile > Stone Tile” and then is in a dropdown within the “stone tile” definition.